What’s An Enrolled Agent & Why Should You Hire One?

Ask anybody who runs their own business what their biggest headache is, and taxes are sure to come up. It can be difficult and time-consuming to organize and prepare tax returns for your business. You don’t want to run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service, and you need some help. That is when you should consider hiring a local Enrolled Agent tax preparer near your area in Florida. Federally licensed Enrolled Agents are experts who can help you with the tax return for your small business. In this article, we will be looking at what an EA is and why you should be searching for a Certified Enrolled Agent near your area.

What is an Enrolled Agent Tax Preparer?

When you have to deal with the IRS, an Enrolled Agent will serve as a tax advisor. They are certified to represent you in matters such as filing a return when you and your company are audited, dealing with issues around payment and collections, and appealing fines.
Federally licensed Enrolled Agents must pass the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). It is a comprehensive exam that tests the taker on individual and business tax law, in addition to tax representation, practices, and procedures. If someone was formerly employed by the IRS for five years or more, they might be eligible to be an EA without taking the SEE. All EAs are required to pass a background check and take 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years.

What are Small Business Enrolled Agent Services?

Enrolled Agents offer a variety of accounting and bookkeeping services ranging from tax planning to help you understand tax rules and regulations, to preparing, signing, and filing your tax return. They can also represent you before the IRS at hearings, and audits, and deal with collection and payment issues. They can counsel you on pretty much any tax issue your small business might have because they have what is called unlimited practice rights (also known as unlimited representation rights).

You might be thinking that a CPA or an Attorney could help you with your taxes, so why do you need an EA? There is a difference. A Certified Public Accountant can help you with a wide variety of accounting issues, including how to minimize your tax bill, but they aren’t always experts in tax issues or able to represent you before the IRS. Likewise, Attorneys can help with a variety of legal issues and some are tax specialists, but they are broader legal experts and not focused on being tax advisors in the way that Enrolled Agents are.

How Can I Find an IRS Enrolled Agent Near Me?

When you want to find an Enrolled Agent tax preparer near me, you can simply here: RPO Preparer Directory (treasury.gov). The IRS has provided this useful directory for finding an EA. Follow the prompts and enter your country, then your zip code. You can enter a person’s surname if you have a specific name to look for. You then check the “Enrolled Agent Credentials” box and hit “Search.” Furthermore, you will be given an alphabetical list of credentialed Enrolled Agents near you. When hiring an agent, you can also email the IRS at epp@irs.gov. Simply provide the IRS with the person’s name, address (if you have it), and agent number (if you have it). You can also check out an EA with the Better Business Bureau. Then you will be confident that you have a tax advisor who will be in your corner at tax time!