Enrolled Agent Tax Preparer

What’s An Enrolled Agent & Why Should You Hire One?

Feb 8, 2023

Ask anybody who runs their own business what their biggest headache is, and taxes are sure to come up. It can be difficult and time-consuming to organize and prepare tax returns for your business. You don’t want to run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service, and you need some help. That is when you should […]

Money Management Mistakes New Business Owners Make: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Jan 3, 2023

If you have a new business and are searching for a small business consultant near me in Florida, it’s important to learn all you can before even securing an advisor. There are some major pitfalls you will want to be aware of in order to avoid falling into them, such as what your federal and […]

First-Time Tax Filing for Small Business – 6 Key Tips That Will Come in Handy

Dec 8, 2022

Are you filing small business taxes for the first time? Tax preparation and planning are vital parts of owning a company. You’ll need to be sure it’s filed accurately and in a timely manner, which can be stressful. Along with state taxes, federal taxes are another area you’ll need to focus on. 6 Tips For […]

5 Reasons for Small Businesses to Outsource Bill Payment Process

Nov 2, 2022

Bill payment is the lifeblood of your business. The money that comes in from paid invoices and goes out to pay bills is what keeps your business going. Too little money coming in and too much going out mean an unhealthy business. That is why it is important to be on top of the bill […]

Payroll services

When & How to Outsource Your Payroll This Year (2023)?

Oct 6, 2022

Does it make sense in this day and age to outsource your payroll? If you are a small business owner, you may think it doesn’t make sense to hire a payroll company because you don’t have that many employees. You should reconsider. Small business payroll processing is more complex than you think. If you take […]

QuickBooks Proadvisor

Why Do You Need a Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor?

Sep 14, 2022

These days when you think of accounting software, you think of QuickBooks. In fact, more than seventy percent of businesses utilize it online or on their desktop computer. It isn’t surprising that it is so popular. It is powerful, accurate, and has an array of tools that let one accountant or bookkeeper do all financial […]

The CARES Act Opens Floodgates to Free Money for Businesses

The CARES Act Opens Floodgates to Free Money for Businesses

Aug 1, 2022

The CARES Act has opened the floodgates to free money for businesses  Below are the basic details of loans available to businesses.  They are incredible unless regulations apply limits: This new law lets any business borrow 2.5 months of payroll, benefits, interest on loans and lease payments. The loan is made through a bank that […]

Preparing Your Business for the Effects of the Coronavirus – Emergency Business Planning

Preparing Your Business for the Effects of the Coronavirus – Emergency Business Planning

Jul 15, 2022

Preparing Your Business for the Effects of the Coronavirus – Emergency Business Planning With the rapid onslaught of the Coronavirus already disrupting business operations in the U.S., there are three ways you can face the future: panic, do nothing, or plan. As we work with business owners through these tough times, we know the best […]

office meeting

How to Build a Strategic Plan and Engage Employees for Business Success

Jul 1, 2022

Building success requires both a plan and engaged participants — like your employees and staff. Crafting a success plan begins with a few fundamentals in business that foster success and encourage unity among those under your leadership. Make Prudent Investments Consider your time and energy to be your most valuable commodity; don’t invest your time […]

Discover the Perfect Client

Jun 15, 2022

Target your marketing efforts toward your perfect clients with these tips. Got other business-related questions? Contact us today!