The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid as a Business Leader

A lot can fall on your shoulders at the helm of a company or small business. As a business leader, others may look to you for modeling behaviors that will help them progress and succeed.

The five worst mistakes that you can make as a business leader are:

1. Doing Everything on Your Own

Don’t do everything yourself; an effective leader is a delegator, giving others the chance to shine. No man is an island and it takes a range of diverse talents for a company to grow. A good leader can identify where they are needed and what is better handed off to someone else. Trying to do everything on your own only makes those around you feel incompetent and useless.

2. Putting a Lot of Stock in Titles

Don’t be the business leader that puts a lot of stock in job titles. Titles can be deceiving and, often, ineffectual. A great leader empowers those around them and puts others on their same level, regardless of title or position. Empathy is a far more useful tool when working with a team or staff than the perks of having a fancy title, big office, or special letterhead.

3. Blaming Others

Blaming others is one of the worst things that you can do as a business leader or role model for those around you. Face it: things will occasionally go wrong and sometimes it can happen in a big way. Don’t be the one who deflects and places blame when something doesn’t go as you plan or expect it to. An effective and even inspiring leader will assume responsibility and look for ways to prevent it from happening in the future. Blaming others can lower company morale and hamper productivity. Take one for the team.

4. Craving Attention

Don’t be the boss that needs and craves attention. Don’t you get enough? The strappings of being a successful leader may go to some’s head and they can become accustomed to spending time in the spotlight. Humility and giving others the chance to shine is a far greater attribute of a leader- and one that will lead the entire company to success.

5. Failing to Own Mistakes

Own mistakes and acknowledge when they are yours. Lead by example and claim mistakes- even when it is not entirely your fault. Leaders need to demonstrate that it is okay to admit errors and that it is the perfect platform for a learning moment.

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