Part-Time CFO Services

Part-time CFO and Controller Services

At BMH Accounting, we can manage various financial responsibilities that are crucial to the success of a developing business. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) frequently assume the role of organizing and operating day-to-day functions, as well as general finances. However, CFO’s often require a company owner to pay a substantial full-time salary to someone who can fulfill their purpose. 

Luckily, our team of accountants offers this essential service as a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time CFO. We can help you organize all tax records, ledgers, and payroll accounts so you can focus on the overall aspects of running your business. Having Lauren and Corey Miller as reinforcements allow business owners to:

  • Focus more on core management issues and incorporate new, beneficial services
  • Establish a sound financial structure from which their business can grow
  • Promote better budgeting techniques and a better understanding of cash flow
  • Effectively prepare for tax audits

Have confidence knowing an experienced, professional duo is on their side!

Growing with Your Business

An organization has many moving parts that must be working in sync to generate more revenue and ultimately a healthier company. Our office in Boynton Beach can help establishments that are experiencing a substantial spike in sales, but need some guidance to understand the full scope of their finances. 

We work with our business owners closely and explain any aspects that might need more clarification. By helping our client understand aspects of their venture, they can better prepare for tax season and apply effective tactics more often. Our role as CFO means we always utilize high-security measures and always work to support your business.

BMH Accounting Controller Services

Financial controller services refer to the management of systems and processes for effective control of funds as they move through your business. Our accounting professionals review your records and provide comprehensive reporting followed by an explanation of what aspects of your organization might be hurting your bottom-line. 

Most large-scale companies have two separate individuals to fulfill both the CFO and controller positions. Our accounting firm boils down these roles to fundamental financial insight we explain plainly so that our owners can have a clear image of what needs to be done to be successful. 

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We are pleased to hear when our business clients are successful, and enjoy helping them maintain an organized approach as they grow. Reach out and schedule an appointment with Corey and Lauren Miller today for part-time CFO and Controller services. We proudly help those living or working in Boynton Beach, Delray, or Boca Raton.

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