A successful business is like a well-oiled machine. At BMH Accounting, we offer bookkeeping services that keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Our financial experts play the role of detective in an effort to understand the businesses we assist and what drives their process. 

By reviewing payroll expense records, accounts payable, and inventory receipts, our office in Boynton Beach, FL can help you promote a stable financial future and a clearer understanding of possible ways to generate more revenue.

Lauren and Corey Miller work as a dynamic team to advise on how fiscal records should be maintained for closer monitoring and analysis. This is beneficial during tax season and allows you to see how finances move through your business. It is also crucial for maximizing profits, paying employees on time, or reinvesting earnings effectively. 


Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow analysis help track the monetary aspect of your business and should be managed by a professional to save time. Some vital accounting services implemented by BMH Accounting are:

Straight-forward, everyday language. No financial jargon is used during consultations. Our job is to clarify and organize, not throw around fancy terms.

Professional assistance with commercial finances, without assuming command. We respect our business owners, strive to understand their goals, and are happy to help with a variety of your accounting needs.

Secure file exchange technology so that your records remain private during our assessments. Our approach with two Enrolled Agents (EA) keeps things simple yet efficient.

Accounts Receivable (AR) is a significant source of payments made to the business. We provide both cash ledgers and AR ledgers so that all transactions are fulfilled efficiently.


Bookkeeping requires a diligent approach when monitoring cash flow. Due to there often being multiple forms of revenue from both services and products, our EA’s show you how to distinguish these sources for more efficient tracking. This way, our clients have a better understanding of where a majority of their money is coming in and more importantly, at what rate.

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